An organizations dynamic capability refers to how well the organization can respond to challenges brought about by a competitive situations, changes in the organization’s environment, challenges brought about by a competitive landscape and the necessity to bring about change and being able to prepare management to face these challenges.

Dynamic Capability Workshops are delivered in a short format workshop style, facilitated by experienced executives who have a full understanding and appreciation for change environments and can contextualize the content and link it to real world situations. The outcome of these workshops transfers capabilities centered around specific subjects so that executives are able to contextualize, adopt and execute new found skills almost with immediate effect in their specific work environments.

In support of creating a step change in continuous achievement, we have developed a range of workshops that would add to the organisations dynamic capabilities, i.e. the set of processes that produce a particular outcome.


Leadership & Management Dynamic Capability Workshops:

  • Action-centred leadership
  • Predictive management
  • The courage quotient
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding & applying the power of achievement motivation
  • Implementing full accountability
  • Systems for management


Sales Dynamic Capability Workshops:

  • Sales systems
  • Sales strategy - structure, processes and systems
  • Sales coaching - the essential processes and skills
  • Managing successful sales performance
  • Relationship centred selling skills
  • Effective presentations
  • Account management strategies


Brand Management Dynamic Capability Workshops:

  • Creation, life and death of a brand
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand development
  • Brand management


Marketing Dynamic Capability Workshops:

  • The market research process
  • The basics of market segmentation, positioning and targeting
  • Product positioning tools
  • Value based pricing
  • Effective promotional strategies


Customer Relations Management Dynamic Capability Workshops:

  • An introduction to CRM - How CRM drives growth
  • Using a CRM initiative to drive growth
  • Putting superior customer service into action
  • Face to face with customers


Contact Centre Performance Dynamic Capability Workshops:

  • Contact centre basics
  • Managing the paradox
  • Perfect call handling techniques - the 6 step call path
  • Perfect call handling techniques - Contact centre skills for inbound customer service improvement
  • Perfect call handling techniques - call style
  • Perfect call handling techniques - outbound telesales

At Summit we use a range of sales performance analysis tools that provide empirical and unbiased views of all aspects of sales to confirm opportunities for improvement. Our sales analysis tools are rigorous and provide unique insights into sales team performance.

Summit has developed an 8-Step Sales Acceleration Programme that uses a full set of process, skills and systems frameworks to accelerate a step change in sales performance improvement.


Many of our clients have asked us to aid in their new product introduction and market entry approach, and to assist them in developing a process to accelerate market entry as a means of growing their business. Our experience in helping our clients in this area has given rise to a methodology that is universally applicable and can be customized to suit any company irrespective of the markets in which they operate.

The statistics around new product failures are alarmingly high; with more than 90% of new product introductions deemed to fail. The processes of entering new markets are in fact more complex and failure rates are not any better. These statistics begs the question: Were the products really not suitable for the markets they were aimed at? Was the market research flawed? Why is it that despite high expectations, the product or service failed to gain traction? How does one achieve growth?

Summit has developed a 10-Step methodology that addresses the opportunity of creating processes, structures mindsets and systems to facilitate the best possible opportunity to succeed.
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